[EN] MCT Live Summit 2012 – September 6th to 8th in Warsaw Poland

How much do you want to attend MCT Live Summit 2012 in Poland? We believe you are dreaming about it! Are you MCT, that loves to network with fellow MCTs? Do you want to visit jewel of EMEA – Warsaw? Are you an admirer of Polish women (men)?

If an answer to any of those questions is “yes” – we have something for you! We’d like to announce a twitter contest for MCT Live Summit 2012.

Rules are simple:
Follow us on twitter at: https://twitter.com/mctsummit
Tweet at us (@mctsummit) using hashtag #MCTSummit and telling us, why do you want to attend our great event and what you want to do in Warsaw.

Win a ticket voucher for MCT Summit, that will cover attendance fee and a discounted nearby hotel rates during the event. We’ll pick best submission on April 16th. Until then please let us know why do you want to join us and please do not spam – winner will be chosen on quality not quantity of the submissions :).
Oh yeah – multiple tweets are definitely OK!


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